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I have been following Watch Angels and the concept. I have never felt an approach that was such a close understanding of true watch lovers (who can’t afford all high-end watches) and have a feel for quality and a soul for models much of the industry would not dare to venture in. Unfortunately, I can’t back all projects as I know my emotional behaviour too well after 20 years of watch collecting. This year, I have back the Waltham and the Direnzo Mondial from Sergio (for his pure talent for design) and the Nivada Spider. At the core of my collection sit two Minvera Villeret (not Monblanc:) ) 1858 for the pure soul of the artisanship behind. Since I am a sucker for classic small second watch (the Cédric Bellon was so close to my taste), I am hoping for a WA project in this direction in the future. Sorry, I always talk a lot when it is about watches. All the best and congratulations for being so talented at understand watch lovers,
Angel for the Waltham Field & Marine
The industry needs independents more than ever. I welcome this initiative which supports creators. It's the right thing to do for the customer and therefore for the Swiss watch industry as a whole.
Niels Eggerding
CEO Frederique Constant
Before writing about Watch Angels, I first wanted to test my CB01 watch I bought from them for a few days. What to say after wearing it for three days? It's a magnificent watch. On the wrist many watch lovers (friends) have asked me what it is, it does not pass Unnoticed! At the end a nice full 8 for portability, quality and movement. A full 10 and praise for the value for money. The watch that is really worth 5/6 times the WA selling price.
This is fantastic! As someone who has been building watches on my own and sourcing the parts I can get from Switzerland and Asia, I'm well aware of "The Factor". Also, just how diluted the "Swiss Made" label became in the pursuit of profits. When you consider some of these companies vertical integration of manufacturing, scale production, automation, and even distribution, your factor score I would argue is quite conservative. I can relate to not being able to afford certain watches, so I self taught watchmaking fundamentals and just said if I can't buy it, I can build it! This marketing education campaign you have going on probably is not winning you friends at certain manufacturers who are intent on keeping their high "factor" prices and selling directly online and cutting out their dealers. Best of luck.
Angel for the CB01
I just wanted to say thank you to all the team at Watch angels, the world has been a scary place over the last year and a half and the fact you have managed to produce such a brilliant product under such worrying circumstances is a tribute to you all!
Angel for the CB01
Regarding WA and being a part of it: About a month ago I joined FB to join the Watch Angels FB group. Between the enlightenment you've offered me in the past, communications I've had on Instagram (especially with Thomas Funder), participating as an Angel and the FB group, my experience of watches has been more and more pleasurable. I very much enjoy the videos of the watch making process, specifically the recent F&M vids, and Thomas' examination and explanation of his Mane watches functioning. Looking forward to more. With time and patience, I can't imagine the Watch Angel experience not growing. It has been an education and a treat and I really appreciate that. Respectfully yours.
Angel for the Funder Måne, USA
Congratulations , you are the future of watchmaking, I am a French watch enthusiast and collector, mainly vintage, modern watch, and today micro-brands, but what you have created is a compromise between the three , very good quality watches, an original approach, and very competitive prices, and the discovery of creative enthusiasts, that's the pinnacle for an enthusiast like me.
Angel for the CB01
I have to take the time and personally send you a big THANK YOU for the incredible Power On Angel event! The get-together exceeded my expectations and I was also happy to see my wife being completely immersed into the perfectly-conceived and flawlessly-executed agenda. The speakers made an impactful impression and their stories left strong emotions with me. My wife got hooked into the Funder Mane collection and I decided on the Bühlmann beast. :-) Looking forward to the next Angel launches and eagerly waiting for great surprizes.
Angel for CB01 and Waltham Field & Marine
First of all, I wanted to thank you for the interesting Friday afternoon, it is always a great pleasure to visit you, discover the background of these projects and talk with you about this beautiful passion! Then I wanted to congratulate you again on the Bühlmann Decompression 01, now that I had some time to look at it and enjoy it calmly. I find the construction of the case really impressive, the perfect finishes, the solidity of all its components and all the small details that make it so unique. I really like the lugs that are so massive but at the same time so comfortable, proportionate and that join the side of the case in such an interesting way.
Super Angel

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